Belgacom Towers
Koning Albert II laan, Brussels
Headquarters, ICT & Communication
Completed 1996
End user: 
Surface above ground: 
94 300 m²
Surface underground: 
6 900 m²
Total surface: 
101 200 m²

In 1992, a Swedish developer completed the 30-storey Tours Pleiad as a basic speculative project. Belgacom, the leading Belgian telecommunication company bought the Tours Pleiad and wanted to turn them into the new Belgacom headquarters. Jaspers-Eyers Architects was then requested to come up with an overall concept – in addition to organising the implementation of the Belgacom staff in this new 106,212-square-meter headquarters project – consisting in creating a brand new corporate symbol for the still public-owned company soon to become partly privately-owned by the mid-nineties. 

In addition to successfully creating the new Belgacom headquarters, the twin Belgacom Towers became an instant landmark for the Quartier Nord, now renamed Espace Nord, the high-rise district of downtown Brussels. Indeed, the Belgacom Towers with their two-level glass-enclosed 30-metre bridge linking the towers penthouse levels, the finely detailed 134????-meter spire mixing architecture and communication needs, the two added elevators along the main entrance façade reaching the executive upper levels and the double-skin spider glass façade of the newly created atrium lobby have created a project whose silhouette and refined details has transformed the Brussels downtown skyline. 

Belgacom Towers
Headquarters, ICT & Communication