Group-T University
Vesaliusstraat 13 - Leuven
Public Services - Educational
Completed 1996
End user: 
Total surface: 
16 500 m²

Groep T – Leuven Engineering College, an international university college for engineering located in Leuven in Belgium, is inscribed within a 4-storey cubic-shaped building of which one corner is curved and recessed in order to create a covered plaza in front of the main entrance.

 The overall design concept of the Groep T project is based on a continuous 4-storey spiral-shaped walkway which creates a simple way of communication between the 2,000 building users when fully occupied. 




The walkway which gives access to all the class-rooms, a 250-seat auditorium as well as a 300-seat restaurant creates a central atrium naturally lit thanks to a cylindrical sloping skylight which covers the open space. At ground level in the atrium void there is no permanent decoration since the space is scheduled to accommodate events and other presentation or concerts while the public would be located all along the 210-metre long walkway.

Group-T University