Warsaw, Poland
Offices, Atria, Renovations
Completed 2012
Ghelamco Poland
End user: 
Total surface: 
45.000 m²
In coorporation with: 
AB-Project / Architraw GB

Senator is located in the immediate vicinity of Warsaw’s old center, at the intersection of Bielanska Street and Solidarnosci Avenue. The office building is a contemporary reinterpretation of the former Polish National Bank building that was severely damaged during WOII. Already during the 18th century, the site has been associated with Poland’s state finance as it accommodated the State Mint, the Russian State Bank and the Polish National Bank, respectively. Considering the prominent heritage of the location, detailed on-site studies have been ordered by the developer and performed prior to design phase. Regarding the Senator design scheme, the Municipal Monument Conservation Office of Warsaw has been consulted and the project has been approved.Senator’s architecture is clearly referring to the original Polish Bank building and the façade is reminiscent of the 1907 one with major architectural details such as the horizontal dividers separating floors or the façade stone colour which is clearly evoking the historic building, however within a contemporary vocabulary. 

The 6-storey 25.000 m² building is articulated around a 5-storey high atrium providing room for luxury retail units at ground level while the offices are reached via two main entrances leading to three reception areas and vertical circulation cores. Senator features unusual 5.000 m² large floor plates well sought-after by major tenants such as global financial groups. In the atrium, two restaurated walls recreate the appearance of the Polish Bank’s grand teller room. The antique wall’s replica provides a suitable relocation point for the original Polish Bank memorial stone unveiled in 1924. Parts of the atrium ground floor are glazed and allow a view onto the historical foundations of the King Stanislaus Augustus Doniatowski’s 18th Century Mint.

Warsaw, Poland
Offices, Atria, Renovations